After installation of wooden doors

- May 21, 2018-

1. Under normal conditions, the door should be closed.

2, door body should avoid the sun for a long time direct or exposure.

3, handling things to avoid sharp object collision door body, so as to avoid scratching the surface.

4, if the door on both sides of the environment humidity and temperature differences, door to keep open, in order to avoid the two sides of the humidity and temperature uneven and lead to deformation.

5, wooden doors in use, should not be in the door hanging heavy objects and pedal.

6, when opening the door lock rotation handle, please do not force too hard, lest because of improper use and reduce the service life of the lock.

7, in the use of the process, if the hinge, locks and other loose to be immediately tightened.

When the hinge makes a sound when the switch is made, the oil should be injected.

8, after testing the water on the door, to immediately wipe clean with a dry cloth.

9, the façade has the stain, must use the soft cloth to wipe. The use of professional wood products maintenance liquid, can prolong the service life of wooden doors.