Brief introduction of steel-wood door

- May 21, 2018-

Steel-wood doors are generally divided into two types, a steel-wood interior door, used for interior decoration of the suite door, the other is called armored door.

The above two kinds of doors are the development of the security door, many of the technology is transferred from the security door, the structure of the steel plate and wood mix structure, so are called steel doors. Steel wood interior door: is a kind of room to decorate the suit door series. The outer layer uses the steel plate, inside uses the wooden frame, the paper shell and so on environmental protection material fills, the price is preferential, is the market relatively mature accepts the degree to be higher the mid-range interior door. Many dealers or the line of wife to the door for this type of steel wood. Because the surface material and security door is different, so can only be installed indoors, to avoid sunshine to the place, so called indoor door. The combination of the two is called Steel wood interior door. Plus when the door will be equipped with door-to-door, so it can also be called Steel wood interior suite door.