Common problems with wooden doors

- May 21, 2018-

First, custom wooden door-size error

1. Measuring the door when the size error: not measured accurately or did not take into account the wall will be affixed tiles, the ground will be paved flysch or flooring;

2. Know the size of the hole, the calculation of the size of doors error;

Error occurred when making the order;

Second, custom wooden doors-wooden door deformation

1. The deformation of products caused by the expansion of wood or paint due to climatic effects;

2. The deformation of the products caused by the high moisture content of wood;

3. Product problems caused by prolonged exposure to the sun;

Third, Custom Wooden doors-color difference of wooden doors

1. The general appearance of chromatic aberration of the situation mainly has two sides with the door and side fang, door frames and door side Fang and the pool board, solid wood line and veneer, carved boards and veneer and other colors and color plate does not appear chromatic aberration;

2. Complementary products and order products appear chromatic aberration.

Four, custom wooden door-wooden door transport 1. In the process of logistics, the occurrence of breakage