The advantages of steel-wood doors

- May 21, 2018-

1, steel-wood door strength, not easy deformation, durable, not afraid of water, suitable for kitchen and bathroom door;

2, the interior is a number of fillers, not solid wood, lighter than other components, reducing the door to fall (leading to not close) the limit;

3, the most important point, the price of steel-wood door affordable, the vast majority of families can afford to, this is also a relatively popular steel wooden door features one;

4, in addition, steel wood door styles and diverse, any flower type can be suppressed, you can also according to preferences, modeled on your favorite wooden door flower type, elegant;

5, for distributors, the advantage of steel wood door is that it is easy to install, simple and quick, no need to unlock holes in the steel-wood suite door

6, Non-toxic Green Health and environmental protection! Advantages: Two to three times less paint, save costs, and the oiler also a lot of, only after a strong impact will be deformed, not easily deformed.