The process of steel-wood door

- May 21, 2018-

1, white door plastic surface color depends on the choice of transfer paper, and plastic powder, light oil

2, the powder must use full polyester, otherwise it will be yellow, or uneven color.

Dusting must be uniform, otherwise it will cause chromatic aberration.

3, Surface light oil effect with the quality of light oil is critical, and the operation must be sprayed more than 2 times the paint to achieve good results

4. The pressure of gluing presses must be controlled well, otherwise, there will be waves or face bending deformation, the pressure plate can not be too thin, press the lining door bar size must be consistent with the thickness of the door, unloading door cushion door with the isolation bar must be more than 80 width, thickness is greater than 8, otherwise it will cause the façade scratches and injuries. Squeegee must be evenly, must first scrape after the inside shelf, otherwise will be degumming, open rib position and lock hole position most easily flow glue, squeegee should pay special attention to. The size of the lock box must be standard, not too large, otherwise it will cause the lock hole is uneven. Each pressure pier in the 7th façade, to put 2 pieces of plate is conducive to reducing the problem of façade deformation.

Honeycomb paper size must be larger than the thickness of 1MM, hardness, scraping evenly, otherwise it will cause the façade is not smooth.

5, the façade of the film must be made to ensure that the paste flat, there can be no bubbles exist, otherwise it will cause the façade sag, protective film can be hit with small holes, easy to film when the air discharged, the periphery of the membrane must be cut with the blade, otherwise it will cause the installation of protective film 

6, the façade stacking is no more than 25 fans per row, or it will cause the face of the pressure injury.

Placed in accordance with different heights and different width of the classification placed

7, the production workshop of materials and products must be placed in the rules, otherwise the workshop will cause confusion and defective products, logistics is not smooth, production is not smooth 

8, raw materials into the factory must be strictly checked to prevent the production of undesirable materials.

The quality of the material directly determines the products and grades.

9, good products must have good technology + good raw materials + a strong sense of responsibility team.