The use of steel-wood doors

- May 21, 2018-

First, the use of steel doors, do not hang on the door of heavy items or to avoid sharp items engraved touch, scratch, open or close door, do not force too hard or open angle too large, so as not to damage the steel-wood doors. Second, do not often with water stains (or other solutions) hand open steel door locks, lest the door locks discoloration. When opening the door lock or turning the door handle, do not force too hard, thereby reducing the service life of the door lock. Hinge, door locks and other regular activities of hardware accessories, occurs when loosening to tighten immediately.

When the door door is not open, you can add the right amount of pencil foam to the keyhole. Third, (FRP wood doors) to wipe the glass, do not make detergent or water infiltration in the glass layering crevice, lest the layering deformation. Wipe the glass do not force too hard, lest the glass damage and injury to the person.

If the glass is damaged or has big bump, must ask the professional maintenance personnel to carry on the maintenance. Four, clear steel wood door surface stains (such as fingerprints), can be used breathe after wet, with a soft cloth wipe, with a hard cloth is easy to scratch the surface, stains too heavy can use neutral cleaning agent, toothpaste or furniture special cleaning agent, decontamination, immediately wipe clean. Steel wood door edges and corners do not often rub, so as to avoid the edges and corners of the surface materials fade damaged. In the removal of dust on wooden products, it is inconvenient to wipe with soft cotton cloth, vacuum cleaner can be used to remove.

In order to maintain the steel wood door surface gloss and service life, should be regularly cleaned, dust, you can use wood decoration products dedicated to the maintenance of its surface maintenance. Five, spring and winter, should pay attention to indoor ventilation good, to maintain indoor humidity, so that steel wood door at normal room temperature, humidity, to prevent wood products due to wet, temperature difference is too large and deformation, metal fittings appear corrosion rust, sealing edge, surface material off. When using electric heating or other heating equipment in winter, keep away from wooden products so as to avoid heat deformation.