Abandoning The Traditional Mode And Building The Quality Doors And Windows Should Always Keep Learning And Exploring.

- May 21, 2018-

In the poor export, domestic property market regulation of the environment, to adopt a pro-civilian strategy to fight for the market, is in fact the domestic door and window industry on the inherent mode of self-examination and product pricing rational return.

Many people in the door and window industry are also aware that the pro-people is not only low prices, but should be from the design level to pay attention to the needs of different income groups. "Consumers are more and more looking at design, environmental protection, and so on, the windows and doors are not able to meet the needs of consumers," said one employee.

” A variety of new concepts of doors and windows products emerging, but ordinary consumers cannot afford is the problem. Industry insiders believe that the doors and windows to "pro-people" must start from design and development. Because the door and window design determines the final product cost and price.

and doors and windows according to the overall decoration characteristics to carry out, is European, American, Mediterranean or new Chinese, can not be independent of the overall housing design. For doors and windows enterprises, according to product quality to specify the price of products is the key to win consumer recognition. Only when the product quality is done, can we talk about the price promotion. Door and window enterprises only strict control of good quality, in order to win the competition in the market brand.