Fire Proof Steel Door Anti Fire Steel Door 1.5hours Fire Proof Door Or 0.5hour Fire Proof Door

- Oct 14, 2018-

Fire proof steel door anti fire steel door 1.5hours fire proof door or 0.5hour fire proof door


Grade B: 1.0 Hour         90mins fire rated steel door

Grade C: 0.5 Hour


Class A: also known as fully insulated door sets, it can meet the requirements of fire insulation and fire integrity at the same time within the prescribed time. The fire-resistance rating is 0.5h (Grade C), 1.0h (Grade B), and 1.5h (Grade A ) and 2.0h, 3.0h.


Class B: also known as partially insulated door sets, its fire insulation requirement is 0.5h and fire integrity rating is 1.0h,1.5h, 2.0h and 3.0h.


Class C: also known as no insulated door sets. There is no requirement for fire insulation. It only need to meet the requirement of fire integrity within the prescribed fire time and the fire integrity rating is 1.0h, 0.5h, 2.0h and 3.0h. We can get the content of no insulated door sets in BS standard.


Advantage: Anti-corrosion, Heat Insulation, Shockproof

Certificate: ISO9001, CCC

Thickness of door leaf : 50mm/70mm

Steel thickness : 0.8mm Cold Galvanized Steel Sheet for door leaf ,

1.2mm Cold Galvanized Steel Sheet for door frame

Lock, handle, hinges included , but door closer, door Sequencer andothers as request