Installation Method For Door Frames And Openings For Installation Steps Of Solid Wood Suit Doors

- May 21, 2018-

First, the door frame installation method:

30MM thick frame can be suitable for the width of 120MM, 150MM, 180MM, 210MM, 240MM and other walls, to meet the requirements of most of the decoration.

1, the whole door set up the box, check all kinds of parts: 1 823±1mm long top frame, 2 about 2.1 meters long side frame, door set line, front door frame line, rear door frame line, mute strip, door retaining line, fixed iron piece, expansion screw, wood screws, etc. 2, at the end of the two side of the frame has been processed 9x18mm fixed with the steps, and drilled with two small holes to facilitate the fixation of wood screws, in the side, drill with countersunk head hole, installed with expansion screws can be fixed.

Ensure that the top frame and the side frame are locked with wood screws after alignment. 3, at the bottom of a temporary fixed wood side, for auxiliary correction, so that the door frame roughly into a vertical square.

The door frame is installed.

Second, the door installation method:

1, the combination of good frame into the door, adjust the two sides and the top clearance, with wood wedge flat straight and cushion the door frame.

2, if the expansion screws with the installation of the impact drill on the side of the expansion screw hole in the wall drilled holes, loaded with expansion screws and locking, if the fixed iron plate installation, alignment of the holes reserved on the iron sheet, plug into the gecko, with self tapping screws fastening.

3, in the wall and the gap between the frames filled with foam gum or cement slurry.

4, styrofoam or cement after drying, remove temporary fixed wood and saw off the excess protruding wood wedge. 5, use the universal glue to the front door frame line, after the door frame line pastes to the door frame.

The corner should be cut 45 degrees in width direction, the front door frame line is 70MM, the rear door frame line is 100MM, 150MM, 250MM and so on specification. 6, with the universal glue to the door line pasted and inserted into the door frame unique 3MM wide 30MM deep groove, according to the different wall width adjustment insert depth.

In combination, the angle of the connection should be cut 45 degrees in width direction. 7, the direct use of the nail gun to the door file line to the door frame line, fixed, and then pressure to start retaining line buckle and mute bar. The fixed door retaining line just presses the seam of the front and rear frame lines. The combination of phase junction angle should be cut in width direction 45 degrees angle.