Specification Dimensions Of Wooden Doors

- May 21, 2018-

Dimensions of door openings The size of the door hole should conform to GB/T 5824-1986.

Recommend 700㎜x2000㎜, 760㎜x2000㎜, 800㎜x2000㎜, 900㎜x2000㎜, 700㎜x2100㎜, 760㎜x2100㎜, 800㎜x2100㎜, 900㎜x2100㎜, 1200㎜x2100㎜ and other 9 kinds of sizes preferred.

Construction Dimensions of Doors

The construction dimension of the door can be determined according to the surface material, frame size and installation gap.

The thickness of the leaf door The thickness of the doors is divided into 30 ㎜, 35㎜, 38㎜, 40㎜, 42㎜, 45㎜, 50㎜. The thickness of the frame (sleeve) is determined according to the wall thickness accordingly.