Stainless Steel Door Purchase Knowledge

- May 21, 2018-

Now the stainless steel anti-theft door has a flat open type, push-pull type, folding, fencing type, such as structural forms, the family mainly with flat open type.

Purchase should be considered from five aspects of its quality and anti-theft performance:

1. The certificate must have the inspection certificate issued by the statutory testing organization, and the Safety technology prevention product permit issued by the Safety Technical Prevention Department of the Provincial Public Security Bureau of the production enterprise. 2. The material is more commonly used in stainless steel, beautiful, durable, rust-proof.

2.Mainly look at two points: ① brand is now popular stainless steel door material to grade 302, 304 mainly; ② thickness of steel frame plate thickness is not less than 2cm, the front door steel thickness in general between the 0.8cm~1cm, the doors inside with a skeleton and strengthen the board. 3. Lock-qualified anti-theft doors generally use three-directional lock or five-azimuth lock, not only lock locks, up and down the bar can be inserted lock, the door to be fixed.

3.Most doors are also embedded with rubber seals on the door frames, which do not emit a piercing metallic impact when closing the door.

4. Stainless steel door process quality to see whether there is no open welding, welding, leakage and other defects, see door and frame with all the joints are dense, the gap is uniform, open whether flexible, paint plating is even solid, smooth and so on. Finally, the purchase of stainless steel doors should also pay attention to "FAM" logo, business name, the implementation of standards, and other content, the door is safe and reliable security doors.