Stainless Steel Door Rust Reason

- May 21, 2018-

Stainless steel door manufacturing materials are usually made from stainless steel, and some are selected aluminum alloy, the two kinds of data contrast and beautiful. However, some businesses in order to save money, often using error information to make goods, resulting in a lot of late commodity problems, and will also appear rust may corrode appearance. Most people think that stainless steel is not rust, in fact, is not the case, the following, the Chinese Door and window network Small series on the reasons for the rust of stainless steel. 

1, in the stainless steel retractable door cover some dust, phlegm and other organic matter, if the attack of oxidation, attack acid, will corrode the appearance of stainless steel for a long time rust. 

2, in the stainless steel retractable door appearance some acid or alkaline material, long-term corrosion will also appear mottled corrosion. 

3, stainless steel appearance is rich in other metal elements may be appendages, in the humid air environment, attack a series of chemical changes, will also cause the surface of the stainless steel film damage presented corrosion appearance. 

4, there is suffering from sulfuric acid, nitric acid, such as low to stainless steel telescopic door appearance, this will affect the appearance of stainless steel retractable door, will appear mottled. So if you want to adhere to the appearance of stainless steel telescopic door, we have to regular stainless steel retractable door finishing, so that can be very good to adhere to its beautiful situation.