To Buy A Door To Distinguish Into Door Doors

- May 21, 2018-

Last weekend, the reporter as an ordinary consumer of the identity of the autumn road in the middle-hao building materials market door and window district inquiries. A security door operating the sales staff very warmly welcome up to ask: "To buy anti-theft door?" Quality assurance. "He showed a variety of steel doors, these doors from the appearance of no big difference, the price is from hundreds of yuan to thousands of dollars." When asked whether these security doors are in line with national standards, and the request to see the certificate, the salesman was brought to the store in another area said: "To buy the national standards of the security door is this several ..." the reporter again cross-examine the front several whether is the anti-theft door, sales staff vowed: "Of course, the Security door!" It's just that the material is different at different prices. "Then the reporter asked several other anti-theft door operators, most of them sell steel doors are anti-theft door, some businessmen have come up with a quality inspection report, but the reporter noted that the name is:" Steel into the door.

In the visit of a number of anti-theft door dealers, only located in the autumn Tao on the road of a Zhejiang brand anti-theft door store sales staff clearly told reporters, they shop in which the sale of the door, which is in line with the national standards of the security door.

Buy the security door don't forget to ask the level B of the lock to be safe enough Many consumers buy anti-theft door to see the thickness of the door, but forgot to pay attention to the most critical part of the security door-lock. It is understood that the national security door production mandatory standards, anti-theft door lock protection level is divided into a-level, B-class, Super B-Class. A-Class anti-theft lock "anti-technology Opening time" should be not less than 1 minutes, B-Class anti-theft lock is not less than 5 minutes.

Obviously, the security of B-Class anti-theft lock can be much higher than a class anti-theft lock.

Reporter found that in the building materials market, many anti-theft door merchants will not take the initiative to inform consumers, consumers in the purchase of anti-theft door to remember to ask the Merchant security level. Industry insiders told reporters that a-class lock because its security can be low has gradually been eliminated, the market on the high-end anti-theft door most of the use of super-B lock.